About Crystal Clear Ltd

Crystal Clear Testing Ltd. is a locally owned business here in Alberta. We offer premium quality control programs, ABSA demonstrated non-destructive testing (NDT) procedures, and a Certificate of Authorization Permit (CAP) for integrity assessment.

Accurate assessment is vital in guiding pressure equipment owners towards proper maintenance and replacement programs – ensuring the safety of the workplace, the public, and the environment.

For us, inspecting pressure equipment for regulatory compliance goes beyond simple data aggregation. We follow thorough examination procedures with in-depth analysis and remediation solutions. Our goal is to find hidden structural issues before it can become an issue.

Our goal is to ensure our client’s equipment is in safe operating condition. This maximizes performance, optimizes business profits, enhances pressure equipment safety, and increases efficiency!

Our team members are all certified, qualified, and competent. We have CGSB Certified Level 1, 2, & 3 technicians (UT, MT, PT, RT), CWB Welding Inspectors, and API, TSASK, and ABSA Certified In-Service Inspectors.

Our Values

Competitive Competence
Competitive competence pushes us to be effective and efficient with our strategy and methodology. At Crystal Clear, we go above and beyond industry compliance regulations to better protect pressure equipment assets. While many companies are certified purely for compliance sake, we push ourselves to go further and showcase extreme competence in what we do – providing more value to our customers. By seeking to be more competent than our competitors, our customers find far more value in partnering with us and ensure the quality and protection of their asset investments.

Safeguarding Resources and Investments
At Crystal Clear, we share the value of protecting lives, property, businesses, and the environment. With our main services, we aspire to provide the proper NDT procedure, and asset integrity assessment solutions to make sure our customers’ pressure equipment operates safely and effectively.

NDT and other preventive maintenance reduces unplanned downtime, equipment failure, and other risks associated with operating equipment. We want to safeguard our customers’ resources and investments by providing quality assurance and adhering to industry safety standards.

Confidence in Clarity
Data is a clear source of truth, and we want to provide our customers confidence that their pressure equipment is operating efficiently and safely. We strive to provide clear data, findings, and recommendations to help our clients make the best informed decision for the safety and effectiveness of their equipment. By providing clear and concise data, pressure equipment owners can have confidence in their day-to-day operations and their assets.

Yielding Returns in Performance
We are our client’s partners in achieving their respective business success by ensuring their pressure equipment will work safely and efficiently for as long as it can. At Crystal Clear Testing, we help make sure that pressure equipment assets are at their best condition so they can perform and maximize revenue for our client’s business throughout the equipment’s lifespan.

Safety is Our Priority

Non-Destructive Testing and safety go hand in hand. Not only do we examine the safety of pressurized equipment, but we also ensure that our team and yours are safe while we’re performing our duties.

We are fully qualified to perform NDT and consult on integrity management and assessment.

At Crystal Clear, we elevate our standards for integrity and safety with a competency-based framework. We don’t compromise on integrity.

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