Crystal Clear: Minimizing Downtime With Accurate, Onsite Reporting

Quality and Technical Manager Benjamin Hunter has specialized in Non-Destructive Testing and Integrity Assessment for several years. Upon founding Crystal Clear Testing, he has provided quality control initiatives to the pipeline and pressure equipment industry, with services including but not limited to: 

  • Corrosion Surveys 
  • Asset Integrity Assessment
  • In-Service Assessment 
  • Integrity Management 
  • Assessment Certification 
  • All-Encompassing For Pressure Equipment Safety 

In addition to Crystal Clear’s all-encompassing services, the company is also known for its fair, flat-rate contract fees, free of markups and cost-plus pricing. This has proven beneficial for many of the organization’s long-term clients, who have consistently relied on Crystal Clear’s honest, dependable and accurate testing services. 

The Challenge

Many equipment owners find themselves waiting up to six months for the official reports for final approval, following inspection services. Despite documentation set forth by the Alberta Boilers and Safety Association (ABSA), many service providers still need to meet the 90-day deadline for submission to the provincial database. 

In addition, traditional inspections undergo many hand-off processes. From technicians in the field to office staff, static data has been received and transferred via various touch points before it is finally inputted into the system. This outdated pen-and-paper approach often leads to major errors and unreliable data. 

Simply put, delayed field inspections paired with unreliable results pose significant challenges for energy providers regarding equipment longevity, quality assurance, onsite safety and compliance standards. Clients failing to meet these standards as per the expectations set forth by ABSA may put employee safety at risk and/or face suspension of operations until compliance criteria are met.

The Solution

Crystal Clear Testing prides itself on reducing integrity assessment errors and downtime for its esteemed clients. By providing direct, end-to-end onsite reporting, Crystal Clear can deliver more value to clients with reliable, same-day results quickly and competently. Not only does this enable energy providers to make well-informed choices when it comes to compliance and safety, but it also ensures they can yield returns on equipment performance by increasing efficiency and uptime. 

Through the provision of coherent and concise data provided by Crystal Clear Testing, pressure equipment owners can have confidence in their daily operations and the integrity of their assets.

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